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1 Chronicles 5:26 - River

1 Chronicles 5:26 - And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgathpilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought them unto Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the river Gozan, unto this day.
Verse Strongs No. Hebrew
And the God H430 אֱלֹהִים
of Israel H3478 יִשְׂרָאֵל
stirred up H5782 עוּר
the spirit H7307 רוּחַ
of Pul H6322 פּוּל
king H4428 מֶלֶךְ
of Assyria H804 אַשּׁוּר
and the spirit H7307 רוּחַ
of Tilgathpilneser king H4428 מֶלֶךְ
of Assyria H804 אַשּׁוּר
and he carried them away H1540 גָּלָה
even the Reubenites H7206 רְאוּבֵנִי
and the Gadites H1425 גָּדִי
and the half H2677 חֵצִי
tribe H7626 שֵׁבֶט
of Manasseh H4519 מְנַשֶּׁה
and brought H935 בּוֹא
them unto H5704 עַד
Halah H2477 חֲלַח
and Habor H2249 חָבוֹר
and Hara H2024 הָרָא
and to the river H5104 נָהָר
Gozan H1470 גּוֹזָן
unto H5704 עַד
this H2088 זֶה
day H3117 יוֹם


Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.