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  • Included in Eastons: Yes
  • Included in Hitchcocks: No
  • Included in Naves: No
  • Included in Smiths: Yes
  • Included in Websters: No
  • Included in Strongs: Yes
  • Included in Thayers: No
  • Included in BDB: Yes

Strongs Concordance:

  • H76 Used 2 times


Easton's Bible Dictionary

Occurs only in connection with the sixth plague of Egypt (Exodus 9:9, 10). In Deuteronomy 28:27, 35, it is called "the botch of Egypt." It seems to have been the fearful disease of black leprosy, a kind of elephantiasis, producing burning ulcers.

Smith's Bible Dictionary

violent ulcerous inflammations, the sixth plague of Egypt, (Exodus 9:9,10) and hence called in (28:27,35) "the botch of Egypt." It seems to have been the black leprosy, a fearful kind of elephantiasis.