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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Pining; wasting.

1. A city in Moab (Numbers 21:30); called also Dibon-gad (33:45), because it was built by Gad and Dimon (Isaiah 15:9). It has been identified with the modern Diban, about 3 miles north of the Arnon and 12 miles east of the Dead Sea. (See Moabite Stone.)

2. A city of the tribe of Judah, inhabited after the Captivity (Nehemiah 11:25); called also Dimonah (Joshua 15:22). It is probably the modern ed-Dheib.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

abundance of knowledge

Naves Topical Index

1. Called Dibongad and Dimon

A city on the northern banks of the Arnon
Numbers 21:30

Israelites encamp at
Numbers 33:45

Allotted to Gad and Reuben
Numbers 32:3; Numbers 32:34; Joshua 13:9; Joshua 13:17

Taken by Moab
Isaiah 15:2; Isaiah 15:9; Jeremiah 48:18; Jeremiah 48:22

2. A city in the tribe of Judah

General references
Nehemiah 11:25

Probably identical with Dimonah
Joshua 15:22

Smith's Bible Dictionary


  1. A town on the east side of Jordan, in the rich pastoral country, which was taken possession of and rebuilt by the children of Gad. (Numbers 32:3,34) From this circumstance it possibly received the name of DIBON-GAD. (Numbers 33:45,46) Its first mention is in (Numbers 21:30) and from this it appears to have belonged originally to the Moabites. We find Dibon counted to Reuben in the lists of Joshua. (Joshua 13:9,17) In the time of Isaiah and Jeremiah, however, it was again in possession of Moab. (Isaiah 15:2; Jeremiah 48:18,22) comp. Jeremiah 48:24 In modern times the name Dhiban has been discovered as attached to extensive ruins on the Roman road, about three miles north of the Arnon (Wady Modjeb).
  2. One of the towns which were reinhabited by the men of Judah after the return from captivity, (Nehemiah 11:25) identical with DIMONAH.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

great understanding; abundance of sons

Smith's Bible Dictionary