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Easton's Bible Dictionary


1. A strongly-fortified place 12 miles from Pelusium, in the north of Egypt (Jeremiah 44:1; 46:14). This word is rendered "tower" in Ezekiel 29:10, but the margin correctly retains the name Migdol, "from Migdol to Syene;" i.e., from Migdol in the north to Syene in the south, in other words, the whole of Egypt.

2. A place mentioned in the passage of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:2; Numbers 33:7, 8). It is probably to be identified with Bir Suweis, about 2 miles from Suez.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

a tower

Naves Topical Index

1. A place near the Red Sea where the Israelites encamped
Exodus 14:2; Numbers 33:7-8

2. A city on the northeastern border of lower Egypt
Jeremiah 44:1; Jeremiah 46:14

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(tower), the name of one of two places on the eastern frontier of Egypt.

  1. A Migdol is mentioned int he account of the exodus, (Exodus 14:2; Numbers 33:7,8) near the head of the Red Sea.
  2. A Migdol is spoken of by Jeremiah and Ezekiel. The latter prophet mentions it as a boundary-town, evidently on the eastern border. (Ezekiel 29:10; 30:6) In the prophecy of Jeremiah the Jews in Egypt are spoken of as dwelling at Migdol. (Jeremiah 44:1) It seems plain, from its being spoken of with Memphis, and from Jews dwelling there, that this Midgol was an important town.