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  • dumb used 29 times.


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Easton's Bible Dictionary

From natural infirmity (Exodus 4:11); not knowing what to say (Proverbs 31:8); unwillingness to speak (Psalms 39:9; Leviticus 10:3). Christ repeatedly restored the dumb (Matthew 9:32, 33; Luke 11:14; Matthew 12:22) to the use of speech.

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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DUMB, adjective Dum.

1. Mute; silent; not speaking.

I was dumb with silence; I held my peace. Psalms 34:1.

2. Destitute of the power of speech; unable to utter articulate sounds; as the dumb brutes. The asylum at Hartford in Connecticut was the first institution in America for teaching the deaf and dumb to read and write.

3. Mute; not using or accompanied with speech; as a dumb show; dumb signs.

To strike dumb is to confound; to astonish; to render silent by astonishment; or it may be, to deprive of the power of speech.

DUMB, verb transitive To silence.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DUMBLY, adverb dumly. Mutely; silently; without words or speech.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

DUMBNESS, noun Dumness.

1. Muteness; silence or holding the peace; omission of speech. This is voluntary dumbness

2. In capacity to speak; inability to articulate sounds. This is involuntary dumbness