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  • Included in Naves: Yes
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  • Included in Websters: Yes
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Strongs Concordance:

Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Luke 1:22), a vivid apparition, not a dream (comp. Luke 24:23; Acts 26:19; 2 Corinthians 12:1).

Naves Topical Index

A mode of revelation
Numbers 12:6; 1 Samuel 3:1; 2 Chronicles 26:5; Psalms 89:19; Proverbs 29:18; Jeremiah 14:14; Jeremiah 23:16; Daniel 1:17; Hosea 12:10; Joel 2:28; Obadiah 1:1; Habakkuk 2:2; Acts 2:17

Of Abraham, concerning his descendants
Genesis 15:1-17

Of Jacob:

Of the ladder with ascending and descending angels
Genesis 28:12

At Beer-Sheba
Genesis 46:2

Of Joshua, of the captain of the Lord's host
Joshua 5:13-15

Of Moses:

Of Moses:
Exodus 3:2

Of the glory of God
Exodus 24:9-11; Exodus 33:18-23

Of the Israelites, of the manifestation of the glory of God
Exodus 24:10; Exodus 24:17; Hebrews 12:18-21

Of Balaam, in a trance

Of Elisha, at the translation of Elijah
2 Kings 2:11

Of Elisha's servant, of the chariots of the Lord
2 Kings 6:17

Of Micaiah, of the defeat of the Israelites; of the Lord on His throne; and of a lying spirit
1 Kings 22:17-23; 2 Chronicles 18:16-22

Of David, of the angel of the Lord by the threshing floor of Ornan
1 Chronicles 21:15-18

Of Job, of a spirit
Job 4:12-16

Of Isaiah:

Of the Lord and His glory in the temple
Isaiah 6:1-13

Of the valley of vision
Isaiah 23:22

Of Jeremiah:

Of an almond rod
Jeremiah 1:11

Of the seething pot
Jeremiah 1:13

Of Ezekiel:

Of the glory of God
Ezekiel 1:3; Ezekiel 1:12-14; Ezekiel 26:23

Of the roll
Ezekiel 2:9

Of the man of fire
Ezekiel 26:8

Of the coals of fire
Ezekiel 10:1-7

Of the dry bones
Ezekiel 37:1-14

Of the city and temple
Ezekiel 26:40

Of the waters
Ezekiel 47:1-12

Of Daniel:

Of Daniel:
Ezekiel 27:7

Of the Ancient of days
Daniel 7:9-27

Of the ram and the he goat
Daniel 27:8

Of the angel
Daniel 27:10

Of Amos:

Of grasshoppers
Amos 7:1-2

Of fire
Amos 7:4

Of a plumb line
Amos 7:7-8

Of summer fruit
Amos 8:1-2

Of the temple
Amos 9:1

Of Zechariah:

Of horses
Zech 1:8-11

Of horns and carpenters
Zech 1:18-21

Of the high priest
Zech 3:1-5

Of the golden candlestick
Zech 4:1-14

Of the flying roll
Zech 5:1-4

Of the mountains and chariots
Zech 6:1-8

Of Zacharias, in the temple
Luke 1:13-22

Of John the Baptist, at the baptism of Jesus
Matthew 3:16; Mark 1:10; Luke 3:22; John 1:32-34

Peter, James, and John, of the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and Elijah
Matthew 17:1-9; Luke 9:28-36

Of the people, of the tongues of fire at Pentecost
Acts 2:2-3

Of Stephen, of Christ
Acts 7:55-56

Of Paul:

Of Christ, on the way to Damascus
Acts 9:3-6; 1 Corinthians 9:1

Of Ananias
Acts 9:12

Of a man of Macedonia, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us
Acts 16:9

In Corinth
Acts 18:9-10

In a trance
Acts 22:17-21

Of paradise
2 Corinthians 12:1-4

Of Ananias, of Christ
Acts 9:10-12

Of Cornelius, the centurion, of an angel
Acts 10:3

Of Peter, of the sheet let down from heaven
Acts 10:9-18

Of John on the Isle of Patmos:

Of Christ and the golden candlesticks
Revelation 1:10-20

The open door
Revelation 4:1

A rainbow and throne
Revelation 4:2-3

Twenty-four elders
Revelation 4:4

Seven lamps
Revelation 4:5

Sea of glass
Revelation 4:6; Revelation 15:2

Four living creatures
Revelation 4:6-8

Book with seven seals
Revelation 5:1-5

Golden vials
Revelation 5:8

Of the six seals
Revelation 66:6

Four horses
Revelation 6:2-8

Earthquake and celestial phenomena
Revelation 6:12-14

Four angels
Revelation 7:1

Sealing of the one hundred and forty-four thousand
Revelation 7:2-8

Of the seventh seal and seven angels
Revelation 66:8

Of the censer
Revelation 8:5

Hail and fire
Revelation 8:7

Mountain cast into the sea
Revelation 8:8-9

Falling star
Revelation 8:10-11; Revelation 9:1

The third part of sun and moon and stars darkened
Revelation 8:12

Bottomless pit
Revelation 9:2

Revelation 9:3-11

Four angels loosed from the Euphrates
Revelation 9:14

Army of horsemen
Revelation 9:16-19

Angel having a book
Revelation 10:1-10

Seven thunders
Revelation 10:3-4

Measurement of the temple
Revelation 11:1-2

Two witnesses
Revelation 11:3-12

Court of the Gentiles
Revelation 11:2

Two olive trees and two candlesticks
Revelation 11:4

The beast out of the bottomless pit
Revelation 11:7

Fall of the city
Revelation 11:13

Second and third woes
Revelation 11:14

A woman clothed with the sun; birth of the man child
Revelation 66:12

A red dragon
Revelation 12:3-17

War in heaven
Revelation 12:7-9

The beast rising out of the sea
Revelation 13:1-10

The beast coming out of the earth
Revelation 13:11-18

The Lamb on Mount Zion
Revelation 14:1-5

The angel having the everlasting gospel
Revelation 14:6-7

The angel proclaiming the fall of Babylon
Revelation 14:8-13

The Son of man with a sickle
Revelation 14:14-16

Angel reaping the harvest
Revelation 14:14-20

Angel coming out of the temple
Revelation 14:17-19

An angel having power over fire
Revelation 14:18

The vine and the winepress
Revelation 14:18-20

Angels with the seven last plagues
Revelation 15:1-8

Temple opened
Revelation 15:5

The plague upon the men who had the mark of the beast
Revelation 16:2

Sea turned into blood
Revelation 16:3

The seven angels with the seven vials of the wrath of God
Revelation 66:16

Destruction of Babylon
Revelation 66:18

Of the multitude praising
Revelation 19:1-9

Of Him who is faithful and true riding a white horse
Revelation 19:11-16

Angel in the sun
Revelation 19:17-21

Satan bound a thousand years
Revelation 20:1-3

Thrones of judgment, the resurrection, and the loosing of Satan
Revelation 20:1-10

Great white throne
Revelation 20:11

Opening of the book of life
Revelation 20:12

Death and hell
Revelation 20:14

New Jerusalem
Revelation 66:21

River of life
Revelation 22:1

Tree of life
Revelation 22:2

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

VI'SION, noun s as z. [Latin visio, from video, visus.]

1. The act of seeing external objects; actual sight.

Faith here is turned into vision there.

2. The faculty of seeing; sight. vision is far more perfect and acute in some animals than in man.

3. Something imagined to be seen, though not real; a phantom; a specter.

No dreams, but visions strange.

4. In Scripture, a revelation from God; an appearance or exhibition of something supernaturally presented to the minds of the prophets, by which they were informed of future events. Such were the visions of Isaiah, of Amos, of Ezekiel, etc.

5. Something imaginary; the production of fancy.

6. Any thing which is the object of sight.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

VI'SIONAL, adjective Pertaining to a vision.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

VI'SIONARY, adjective

1. Affected by phantoms; disposed to receive impressions on the imagination.

Or lull to rest the visionary maid.

2. Imaginary; existing in imagination only; not real; having no solid foundation; as a visionary prospect; a visionary scheme or project.


1. One whose imagination is disturbed.

2. One who forms impracticable schemes; one who is confident of success in a project which others perceive to be idle and fanciful. [Visionist, in a like sense, is not used.]