Explains every word in the Bible...

King James Bible Dictionary
  • The perfect tool for understanding Bible scripture. Use it for sermon, Bible study, and Sunday school preparation with accuracy and deeper understanding.
  • The King James Bible Dictionary is the first dictionary to contain definitions for every word in the Bible.
  • It is a hybrid dictionary combining the best known and mostly widely used and respected Bible dictionaries and concordance into one usable format.

  • Definitions for every name, place, person, weight, currency, plant, tree, mountain and river in the Bible.
  • With over 100,000 dictionary entries all the links between definitions are preserved.
  • All plural, derivative and archaic words have been cross-referenced to their modern spelling dictionary entries.

  • The dictionary displays all the word derivatives and how often they are used in the Bible.
  • The Bible references have been linked directly to the Strongs Concordance. The verse appears at the top of the page and every word in the verse is listed vertically with its original language.
  • The dictionary goes further by referencing Strong’s Concordance so each word can be traced to the roots of the original language. In this way the reader can find all the words in the Bible with a similar meaning that originate from the same Hebrew and Greek words from which the Bible was translated.