How do I use this Dictionary?


  1. You can search for Bible Words - eg:  Jesus, believeth, Abel
  2. You can search for Bible References - eg:  Psalms 23:1 or Ps 23.1
  3. You can search for Strong's Numbers - eg:  G2424 or H1234



  • Any text in blue is a link to more information. If you have problems seeing the blue text, all the links are underlined when you hover over them. Click on the blue Bible references for a complete analysis of that verse.



  • There are five main views to see the contents of your search:
    1. Dictionary Definitions
    2. Full Reference List
    3. Full Strong's List
    4. Bible Verse Dictionary
    5. Strong's Number Definitions



1. Dictionary Definitions:

  • Over 100,000 definitions are available.
  • Wherever possible the Bible references in the definition are linked to the Bible Verse Dictionary where you can see the search word in context. On a PC you can hover over a Bible reference link to see the verse.
  • All the available definitions from each dictionary are identified and listed under each other.
  • Any related words are listed with their definitions at the bottom of the list.



Dictionary Atlas:


  • There are over 1,000 maps for the places named in the Bible.
  • All the facilities of Google maps are available in the atlas so you can zoom in and out and move the map in any direction.



Dictionary Definitions Bible Usage:



The Bible Usage column gives you everything you need to understand the relationship of the current word to the Bible and provides links to further content.

1. First you can see how often the word is used throughout the Bible. You can also see how often derivative and root words are used.

2. The first and last Bible references are shown and can be clicked on to go to the Strong's Number verse analysis. By clicking on any derivative words you can go directly to any related dictionary definitions.

3. If there are more than two references the "Full Reference List" button is displayed to take you to a list for all the related verses.

4. Under this you can see which dictionaries are available for the word in question.

5. Then comes a list of Strong's Numbers in use for the word and how often the word and number combination appears in the Bible.

6. Finally there is a "Full Strong's List" button that takes you to a list of all the Strong's Numbers with a short definition and the language references. Many of these references are blue so you can click on them for immediate access.



2. Full Reference List:

  • This page lists all the Word-to-Strong's Number instances throughout the Bible for the word at the top of the page.



3. Full Strong's List

  • This page lists all the Strong's numbers, for a single word, with a short definition and the language references.
  • The page helps you compare all the different ways the word is used
    at a glance.



4. Bible Verse: Dictionary

  • This page displays every word in a Bible verse vertically in the left-hand column.
  • Each word in the verse can be clicked on to go directly to the dictionary definition.
  • The next two columns give the Strong's Number and the Hebrew or Greek word.
  • The last column gives you the short Strong's Number definition
  • By clicking on the Strong's Number you will be taken directly to the Strong's definition page.
  • By clicking on the Word at the top of the page (when it is displayed) you can go back to the dictionary definition for that word.
  • The are navigation buttons on the left and right of the verse reference to navigate to the next and previous verses.



5. Strong's Number Definitions:

  • The Strong's Number Page gives specific details on each Greek or Hebrew word including:
    • The Strong's Number
    • Language (the word in the Greek or Hebrew language)
    • Transliteration of the word
    • Phonetic spelling
    • Word Origin
    • Bible Usage (details from the Strong's definition)
    • Part of Speech
    • Strong's Definition
    • Thayer's or Brown Driver Biggs Definition
    • Bible References
    • Translation Occurrences
  • The definition has been clarified to help the reader to discern the meaning of each word.
  • The translation Occurrences help you find other words that have been used in the Bible using the same Hebrew or Greek word.
  • By clicking on each word in the translation Occurrences section, the program will display the Bible references for that word.