The Bible

Bible Usage:

  • one used 1,967 times.
  • ones used 77 times.
  • one's used twice.


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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

ONE, adjective wun. [Latin unus; Gr.]

1. Single in number; individual; as one man; one book. There is one sun only in our system of planets.

2. Indefinitely, some or any. You will one day repent of your folly. But in this phrase, one day is equivalent to some future time.

3. It follows any.

When any one heareth the word of the kingdom. Matthew 13:19.

4. Different; diverse; opposed to another. It is one thing to promise, and another to fulfill.

5. It is used with another, to denote mutuality or reciprocation. Be kind and assist one another.

6. It is used with another, to denote average or mean proportion. The coins one with another, weigh seven penny weight each.

7. one of two; opposed to other.

Ask from one side of heaven to the other. Deuteronomy 4:4.

8. Single by union; undivided; the same.

The church is therefore one though the members may be many.

9. Single in kind; the same.

ONE plague was on you all and on your lords. 1 Samuel 4:1.

1. one day, on a certain or particular day, referring to time past.

ONE day when Phoebe fair with all her band was following the chase.

2. Referring to future time; at a future time, indefinitely. [See one No. 2.]

At one in union; in agreement or concord.

The king resolved to keep Ferdinand and Philip at one with themselves.

In one in union; in one united body.

ONE, like many other adjectives is used without a noun, and is to be considered as a substitute for some noun understood. Let the men depart one by one; count them one by one; every one has his peculiar habits; we learn of one another, that is, we learn, one of us learns of another.

In this use, as a substitute, one may be plural; as the great ones of the earth; they came with their little ones.

It also denotes union, a united body.

Ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:10.

ONE o'clock, one hour of the clock that is, as signified or represented by the clock.

ONE is used indefinitely for any person; as, one sees; one knows; after the French manner, on voit. Our ancestors used man in this manner; man sees; man knows; 'man brohte, ' man brought, that is, they brought.

This word we have received from the Latin through the Italian and French. The same word from our Saxon ancestors we write an.