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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOLDIER, noun soljur. [from Latin solidus, a piece of money, the pay of a soldier ]

1. A man engaged in military service; one whose occupation is military; a man enlisted for service in an army; a private, or noe in the ranks. There ought to be some time for sober reflection between the life of a soldier and his death.

2. A man enrolled for service, when on duty or embodied for military discipline; a private; as a militia soldier

3. Emphatically, a brave warrior; a man of military experience and skill, or a man of distinguished valor. In this sense, an officer of any grade may be denominated a soldier

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOLDIERESS, noun A female soldier. [Not in use.]

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOLDIERLIKE, SOLDIERLY, adjective Like or becoming a real soldier; brave; martial; heroic; honorable.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOLDIERLIKE, SOLDIERLY adjective Like or becoming a real soldier; brave; martial; heroic; honorable.

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Military enrollment of Israel:

In the wilderness of Sinai
Isaiah 4:1

In the plains of Moab
Isaiah 4:26

Levies of, in the ratio of one man to ten subject to duty
Judges 20:10

Dressed in scarlet
Nahum 2:3

Cowards excused from duty as
Deuteronomy 20:8; Judges 7:3

Others exempt from service
Deuteronomy 20:5-9; Deuteronomy 24:5

Come to John
Luke 3:14

Mock Jesus
Matthew 27:27-31; Mark 15:16-20; Luke 23:11; Luke 23:36-37

Officers concerned in the betrayal of Jesus
Luke 22:4

Crucified Jesus
Matthew 27:27; Matthew 27:31-37; Mark 15:16-24; John 19:23-24

Guard the sepulchre
Matthew 27:65; Matthew 28:11-15

Guard prisoners
Acts 12:4-6; Acts 28:16

Maintain the peace
Acts 21:31-35

Their duty as sentinels
Acts 12:19

Perform escort duty
Acts 21:31-33; Acts 21:35; Acts 22:24-28; Acts 23:23; Acts 23:31-33; Acts 27:1; Acts 27:31; Acts 27:42-43; Acts 28:16


Of the divine protection
Isaiah 59:16-17

Of the Christian
Ephesians 6:11-17; 2 Timothy 2:3

Jesus called Captain of our Salvation
Hebrews 2:10

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOLDIERSHIP, noun Military qulities; military character or state; martial skill; behavior becoming a soldier.

, noun

1. Soldiers collectively; the body of military men. I charge not the soldiery with ignorance and contempt of learning, without exception.

2. Soldiership; military service.