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Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

help of God

Naves Topical Index

1. An Aaronite of the family of Korah
1 Chronicles 12:6

2. A musician in the temple, called Uzziel
1 Chronicles 25:18; 1 Chronicles 25:4

3. A Danite prince
1 Chronicles 27:22

4. A son of Bani
Ezra 10:41

5. A priest
Nehemiah 11:13; Nehemiah 12:36

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Azareel, or Azareel

(whom the Lord helps).

  1. A Korhite who joined David in his retreat at Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:6) (B.C. 1060.)
  2. A Levite musician of the family of Heman in the time of David, (1 Chronicles 25:18) called UZZIEL in (1 Chronicles 25:4) (B.C. 1050.)
  3. Son of Jeroham, and prince of the tribe of Dan when David numbered the people. (1 Chronicles 27:22)
  4. One of the sons of Bani, who put away his foreign wife on the remonstrance of Ezra. (Ezra 10:41) (B.C. 459.)
  5. Father or ancestor of Maasiai, or Amashai, a priest who dwelt in Jerusalem after the return from Babylon. (Nehemiah 11:13) comp. 1 Chronicles 9:12 (B.C. about 440.)