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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Occurs only in Esther 1:1 and 8:9, where the extent of the dominion of the Persian king is described. The country so designated here is not the peninsula of Hindustan, but the country surrounding the Indus, the Punjab. The people and the products of India were well known to the Jews, who seem to have carried on an active trade with that country (Ezekiel 27:15, 24).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

praise; law

Naves Topical Index

Probably the eastern limit of the kingdom of Ahasuerus.
Esther 1:1; Esther 8:9

Smith's Bible Dictionary

The name of India does not occur in the Bible before the book of Esther where it is noticed as the limit of the territories of Ahasuerus in the east, as Ethiopia was in the west. (Esther 1:1; 8:9) The India of the book of Esther is not the peninsula of Hindostan, but the country surrounding the Indus, the Punjab and perhaps Scinde . The people and productions of that country must have been tolerably well known to the Jews. An active trade was carried on between India and western Asia. The trade opened by Solomon with Ophir through the Red Sea consisted chiefly of Indian articles.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

IN'DIA, noun A country in Asia, so named from the river Indus.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

IN'DIAN, adjective [from India, and this from Indus, the name of a river in Asia.] Pertaining to either of the Indies, East or West.

IN'DIAN, noun A general name of any native of the Indies; as an East indian or West indian it is particularly applied to any native of the American continent.

INDIAN Arrow Root, noun A plant of the genus Maranta.

INDIAN, Berry, noun A plant of the genus Menispermum.

INDIAN Bread, noun A plant of the genus Jatropha.

INDIAN Corn, noun A plant, the maiz, of the genus Zea; a native of American.

INDIAN Cress, noun A plant of the genus Tropaeolum.

INDIAN, Fig, noun A plant of the genus Cactus.

INDIAN Ink, noun A substance brought from China, used for water colors. It is in rolls or in square cakes, and is said to consist of lampblack and animal glue.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

IN'DIANITE, noun [from India.] A mineral occurring in masses having a foliated structure and shining luster. Its color is white or gray.

INDIAN, Reed, noun A plant of the genus Canna.

INDIAN, Red, noun A species of ocher, a very fine purple earth, of a firm, compact texture and great weight.

INDIA Rubber, noun The caoutchouc, a substance of extraordinary elasticity, called also elastic gum or resin. It is produced by incision from the syringe tree of Cayenne.