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Easton's Bible Dictionary

God's living one.

1. The father of Gibeon (1 Chronicles 9:35).

2. One of David's guard (1 Chronicles 11:44).

3. One of the Levites "of the second degree," appointed to conduct the music on the occasion of the ark's being removed to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:18, 20).

4. A Hachmonite, a tutor in the family of David toward the close of his reign (1 Chronicles 27:32).

5. The second of Jehoshaphat's six sons (2 Chronicles 21:2).

6. One of the Levites of the family of Heman who assisted Hezekiah in his work of reformation (2 Chronicles 29:14).

7. A "prince" and "ruler of the house of God" who contributed liberally to the renewal of the temple sacrifices under Josiah (2 Chronicles 35:8).

8. The father of Obadiah (Ezra 8:9).

9. One of the "sons" of Elam (Ezra 10:26).

10. Ezra 10:21.

Naves Topical Index

1. A Levite porter

General references
1 Chronicles 15:18

Probably identical with Jehiah

2. A Gershonite Levite
1 Chronicles 23:8; 1 Chronicles 29:8

3. A companion of David's sons
1 Chronicles 27:32

4. Son of Jehoshaphat
2 Chronicles 21:2

5. Son of Heman
2 Chronicles 29:14

6. A Levite overseer in the temple
2 Chronicles 31:13

7. A priest who gave extraordinary offerings for the Passover
2 Chronicles 35:8

8. Father of Obadiah
Ezra 8:9

9. Father of Shechaniah
Ezra 10:2

10. Name of two priests who married idolatrous wives
Ezra 10:21; Ezra 10:26

Smith's Bible Dictionary

1. (God lives).

  1. One of the Levites appointed by David to assist in the service of the house of God. (1 Chronicles 15:18,20; 16:5)
  2. One of the sons of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, put to death by his brother Jehoram. (2 Chronicles 21:2,4) (B.C. 887.)
  3. One of the rulers of the house of God at the time of the reforms of Josiah. (2 Chronicles 35:8) (B.C. 623.)
  4. A Gershonite Levite, (1 Chronicles 23:8) who had charge of the treasures. ch. (1 Chronicles 28:8)
  5. A son of Hachmoni named in the list of David's officers, (1 Chronicles 27:32) as "with the king's sons," whatever that may mean.
  6. A Levite who took part in the restorations of King Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 29:14) (B.C. 726.)
  7. Another Levite at the same period. (2 Chronicles 31:13)
  8. Father of Obadiah, of the Bene-Joab. (Ezra 8:9) (B.C. before 459.)
  9. One of the Bene-Elam, father of Shechaniah. (Ezra 10:2)
  10. A member of the same family, who himself had to part with his wife. (Ezra 10:26)
  11. A priest, one of the Bene-Harim, who also had to put away his foreign wife. (Ezra 10:21) (B.C. 459.)

2. (treasured of God), a perfectly distinct name from the last.
  1. A man described as father of Gibeon; a fore-father of King Saul. (1 Chronicles 9:35)
  2. One of the sons of Hotham the Aroerite; a member of David's guard. (1 Chronicles 11:44) (B.C. 1046.)

3. In "Baal-hazor which is by Ephraim" was Absalom's sheepfarm, at which took place the murder of Amnon, one of the earliest precursors of the great revolt. (2 Samuel 13:23) There is no clue to its situation.
4. a city "in the district near the wilderness" to which our Lord retired with his disciples when threatened with violence by the priests. (John 11:54)

Naves Topical Index

Son of Laadan.
1 Chronicles 26:21-22

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(a Jehielite), according to the Authorized Version a Gershonite Levite of the family of Laadan. (1 Chronicles 26:21,22)