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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Habitation, a town in the tribe of Judah, about 7 miles south of Hebron, which gave its name to the wilderness, the district round the conical hill on which the town stood. Here David hid from Saul, and here Nabal had his possessions and his home (1 Samuel 23:24, 25; 25:2). "Only some small foundations of hewn stone, a square enclosure, and several cisterns are now to be seen at Maon. Are they the remains of Nabal's great establishment?" The hill is now called Tell M'ain.

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

house; place of sin

Naves Topical Index

A city allotted to Judah
Joshua 15:55

Dwelling place of Nabal
1 Samuel 25:2

David with his insurgents encamps near
1 Samuel 23:24-25

Uzziah engages in war against the people of, called Mehunims
2 Chronicles 26:7

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(habitation), one of the cities of the tribe of Judah, in the district of the mountains. (Joshua 15:55) Its interest for us lies in its connection with David. (1 Samuel 23:24,25) The name of Maon still exists in Main , a lofty conical hill, south of and about seven miles distant from Hebron.

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Maonites, the

a people mentioned in one of the addresses of Jehovah to the repentant Isr'lites, (Judges 10:12) elsewhere in the Authorized Version called Mehunim.