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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Breach, the elder of the twin sons of Judah (Genesis 38:29). From him the royal line of David sprang (Ruth 4:18-22). "The chief of all the captains of the host" was of the children of Perez (1 Chronicles 27:3; Matthew 1:3).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

division; rupture

Naves Topical Index

Called also Perez and Phares.

A twin son of Judah by Tamar
Genesis 38:29; 1 Chronicles 2:4

Children of
Genesis 46:12; Numbers 26:20-21; 1 Chronicles 2:5; 1 Chronicles 9:4

Children of, return from the captivity
Nehemiah 11:4; Nehemiah 11:6

In the lineage of Jesus
Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:33

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(Perez, (1 Chronicles 27:3) Phares, (Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:33) 1 Esd. 5.6), twin son, with Zarah or Zerah, of Judah and Tamer his daughter-in-law. (B.C. 1730.) The circumstances of his birth are detailed in Gen. 38. Pharez occupied the rank of Judah's second son, and from two of his sons sprang two new chief houses, those of the Hezronites and Hamulites. From Hezron's second son Ram, or Aram, sprang David and the kings of Judah, and eventually Jesus Christ. In the reign of David the house of Pharez seems to have been eminently distinguished.