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Bible Usage:

  • ever used 476 times.
  • every used 1,238 times.


  • Included in Eastons: No
  • Included in Hitchcocks: No
  • Included in Naves: No
  • Included in Smiths: No
  • Included in Websters: Yes
  • Included in Strongs: Yes
  • Included in Thayers: Yes
  • Included in BDB: Yes

Strongs Concordance:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

EV'ERY, adjective [Old Eng. everich. It is formed from ever.] Each individual of a whole collection or aggregate number. The word includes the whole number, but each separately stated or considered.

Every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Psalms 39:5.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

EV'ERYDAY, adjective [every and day.] Used or being every day; common; usual; as everyday wit; an everyday suit of clothes.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

EVERYOUNG, adjective [ever and young.] Always young or fresh; not subject to old age or decay; undecaying.

Joys everyoung unmixed with pain or fear.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

EV'ERYWHERE, adverb [See Where, which signifies place.] In every place; in all places.