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  • Included in Naves: Yes
  • Included in Smiths: Yes
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Strongs Concordance:


Easton's Bible Dictionary

1. Matthew 10:29; Luke 12:6. Greek assarion, i.e., a small as, which was a Roman coin equal to a tenth of a denarius or drachma, nearly equal to a halfpenny of our money.

2. Matthew 5:26; Mark 12:42 (Gr. kodrantes), the quadrant, the fourth of an as, equal to two lepta, mites. The lepton (mite) was the very smallest copper coin.

Naves Topical Index

From Greek Assarion, a Roman coin worth, in American money, about 1 1/2 cents; in English money, about 3 farthings
Matthew 10:29; Luke 12:6

From Greek Kodrantes, worth, in American money, about two-fifths of a cent; in English money, less than a farthing
Matthew 5:26; Mark 12:42

Smith's Bible Dictionary

Two names of coins in the New Testament are rendered in the Authorized Version by this word:

  1. Quadrans , (Matthew 5:26; Mark 12:42) a coin current in the time of our Lord, equivalent to three-eights of a cent;
  2. The assarion , equal to one cent and a half, (Matthew 10:29; Luke 12:6)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary


1. The fourth of a penny; a small copper coin of Great Britain, being the fourth of a penny in value. In America we have no coin of this kind. We however use the word to denote the fourth part of a penny in value, but the penny is of different value from the English penny, and different in different states. It is becoming obsolete, with the old denominations of money.

2. Farthings, in the plural, copper coin.

3. Very small price or value. It is not worth a farthing that is, it is of very little worth, or worth nothing.

4. A division of land. [Not now used.]

Thirty acres make a farthing-land; nine farthings a Cornish acre; and four Cornish acres a knight's fee.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

F'ARTHINGALE, noun [This is a compound word, but it is not easy to analyze it.]

A hoop petticoat; or circles of hoops, formed of whalebone, used to extend the petticoat.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

F'ARTHINGSWORTH, noun As much as is sold for a farthing.