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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FETCH, verb transitive

1. To go and bring, or simply to bring, that is, to bear a thing towards or to a person.

We will take men to fetch victuals for the people.

Judges 20:10.

Go to the flock, and fetch me from thence two kids of the goats. Genesis 27:9.

In the latter passage, fetch signifies only to bring.

2. To derive; to draw, as from a source.

On you noblest English, whose blood is fetched from fathers of war-proof.

[In this sense, the use is neither common nor elegant.]

3. To strike at a distance. [Not used.]

The conditions and improvements of weapons are the fetching afar off.

4. To bring back; to recall; to bring to any state. [Not used or vulgar.]

In smells we see their great and sudden effect in fetching men again, when they swoon.

5. To bring or draw; as, to fetch a thing within a certain compass.

6. To make; to perform; as, to fetch a turn; to fetch a leap or bound.

FETCH a compass behind them. 2 Samuel 5:23.

7. To draw; to heave; as, to fetch a sigh.

8. To reach; to attain or come to; to arrive at.

We fetched the syren's isle.

9. To bring; to obtain its price. Wheat fetches only 75 cents the bushel. A commodity is worth what it will fetch

To fetch out, to bring or draw out; to cause to appear.

To fetch to, to restore, to revive, as from a swoon.

To fetch up, to bring up; to cause to come up or forth.

To fetch a pump, to pour water into it to make it draw water.

FETCH, verb intransitive To move or turn; as, to fetch about.

FETCH, noun A stratagem, by which a thing is indirectly brought to pass, or by which one thing seems intended and another is done; a trick; an artifice; as a fetch of wit.

Straight cast about to over-reach

Th' unwary conqueror with a fetch

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FETCH'ER, noun One that brings.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FETCH'ING, participle present tense Bringing; going and bringing; deriving; drawing; making; reaching; obtaining as price.