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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FIL'LET, noun [Latin filum.]

1. A little band to tie about the hair of the head.

A belt her waist, a fillet binds her hair.

2. The fleshy part of the thigh; applied to veal; as a fillet of veal.

3. Meat rolled together and tied round.

4. In architecture, a little square member or ornament used in divers places, but generally as a corona over a greater molding; called also listel.

5. In heraldry, a kind of orle or bordure, containing only the third or fourth part of the breadth of the common bordure. it runs quite round near the edge, as a lace over a cloke.

6. Among painters and gilders, a little rule or reglet of leaf-gold, drawn over certain moldings, or on the edges of frames, pannels, etc., especially when painted white, by way of enrichment.

7. In the manege, the loins of a horse, beginning at the place where the hinder part of the saddle rests.

FIL'LET, verb transitive

1. to bind with a fillet or little band.

2. To adorn with an astragal. Exodus 38:10.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Heb. hashukum, plur., joinings (Exodus 27:17; 38:17, 28), the rods by which the tops of the columns around the tabernacle court were joined together, and from which the curtains were suspended (Exodus 27:10, 11; 36:38).

In Jeremiah 52:21 the rendering of a different word, hut, meaning a "thread," and designating a measuring-line of 12 cubits in length for the circumference of the copper pillars of Solomon's temple.