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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Heb. ashishah, (2 Samuel 6:19; 1 Chronicles 16:3; Song of Solomon 2:5; Hosea 3:1), meaning properly "a cake of pressed raisins." "Flagons of wine" of the Authorized Version should be, as in the Revised Version, "cakes of raisins" in all these passages. In Isaiah 22:24 it is the rendering of the Hebrew nebel, which properly means a bottle or vessel of skin. (Comp. 1 Samuel 1:24; 10:3; 25:18; 2 Samuel 16:1, where the same Hebrew word is used.)

Naves Topical Index

Sometimes erroneously translated flagon of wine, but more accurately cake of raisin.
Hosea 3:1; 2 Samuel 6:19; Song of Solomon 2:15

Smith's Bible Dictionary

a word employed in the Authorized Version to render two distinct Hebrew terms:

  1. Ashishah , (2 Samuel 6:19; 1 Chronicles 16:3; Solomon 2:5; Hosea 3:1) It really means a cake of pressed raisins. Such cakes were considered as delicacies; they were also offered to idols.
  2. Nebel , (Isaiah 22:24) is commonly used for a bottle or vessel, originally probably a skin, but in later times a piece of pottery. (Isaiah 30:14)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FLAG'ON, noun [Latin lagena; Gr.]

A vessel with a narrow mouth, used for holding and conveying liquors.

Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples; for I am sick of love.