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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FORCIBLE, adjective

1. Powerful; strong; mighty; as a punishment forcible to bridle sin.

2. Violent; impetuous; driving forward with force; as a forcible stream.

3. Efficacious; active; powerful.

Sweet smells are most forcible in dry substances when broken.

4. Powerful; acting with force; impressive; as forcible words or arguments.

5. Containing force; acting by violence; as forcible means.

6. Done by force; suffered by force. The abdication of James, his advocates hold to have been forcible

7. Valid; binding; obligatory. [Not used.]

8. In law, forcible entry is an actual violent entry into houses or lands.

FORCIBLE detainer, is a violent withholding of the lands, etc. of another from his possession.

FORCIBLE abduction, is the act of taking away wrongfully, as a child without the consent of the father, a ward without the consent of the guardian, or any person contrary to his or her will.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FORCIBLENESS, noun Force; violence.