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Easton's Bible Dictionary

1. Heb. matstsab, a station; a place where one stands (1 Samuel 14:12); a military or fortified post (1 Samuel 13:23; 14:1, 4, 6, etc.).

2. Heb. netsib, a prefect, superintendent; hence a military post (1 Samuel 10:5; 13:3, 4; 2 Samuel 8:6). This word has also been explained to denote a pillar set up to mark the Philistine conquest, or an officer appointed to collect taxes; but the idea of a military post seems to be the correct one.

3. Heb. matstsebah, properly a monumental column; improperly rendered pl. "garrisons" in Ezekiel 26:11; correctly in Revised Version "pillars," marg. "obelisks," probably an idolatrous image.

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

The Hebrew words so rendered in the Authorized Version are derivatives from the root natsab , to "place, erect," which may be applied to a variety of objects.

  1. Mattsab and mattsabah undoubtedly mean a "garrison" or fortified post. (1 Samuel 13:23; 14:14; 1 Samuel 15; 2 Samuel 23:14)
  2. Netsib is also used for a "garrison" in (1 Chronicles 11:16) but elsewhere for a "column" erected in an enemy's country as a token of conquest. (1 Samuel 13:3)
  3. The same word elsewhere means "officers" placed over a vanquished people. (2 Samuel 8:6,14; 1 Chronicles 18:13; 2 Chronicles 17:2)
  4. Mattsebah in (Ezekiel 26:11) means a "pillar."

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GAR'RISON, noun [English, garnish; warren, and from this root we have warrant and guaranty, as well as guard and regard, all from one source.

1. A body of troops stationed in a fort or fortified town, to defend it against an enemy, or to keep the inhabitants in subjection.

2. A fort, castle or fortified town, furnished with troops to defend it.

3. The state of being placed in a fortification for its defense; as troops laid in garrison

GAR'RISON, verb transitive To place troops in a fortress for its defense; to furnish with soldiers; as, to garrison a fort or town.

1. To secure or defend by fortresses manned with troops; as, to garrison a conquered territory.