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Law concerning hired property
Exodus 22:14-15
Wages; Employer; Master; Servant

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HIRE, verb transitive

1. To procure from another person and for temporary use, at a certain price, or for a stipulated or reasonable equivalent; as, to hire a farm for a year; to hire a horse for a day; to hire money at legal interest.

2. To engage in service for a stipulated reward; to contract with for a compensation; as, to hire a servant for a year; to hire laborers by the day or month.

3. To bribe; to engage in immoral or illegal service for a reward.

To hire out one's self, to let; to engage one's service to another for a reward.

They have hired out themselves for bread. 1 Samuel 2:5.

To hire or to hire out, to let; to lease; to grant the temporary use of a thing for a compensation. He has hired out his house or his farm.

HIRE, noun

1. The price, reward or compensation paid or contracted to be given for the temporary use of any thing.

2. Wages; the reward or recompense paid for personal service.

The laborer is worthy of his hire Luke 10:7.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HI'RED, participle passive Procured or taken for use, at a stipulated or reasonable price; as a hired farm.

1. Employed in service for a compensation; as a hired man; a hired servant.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

A labourer employed on hire for a limited time (Job 7:1; 14:6; Mark 1:20). His wages were paid as soon as his work was over (Leviticus 19:13). In the time of our Lord a day's wage was a "penny" (q.v.) i.e., a Roman denarius (Matthew 20:1-14).

Naves Topical Index

Not to be oppressed
Malachi 3:5

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HI'RELING, noun One who is hired, or who serves for wages.

1. A mercenary; a prostitute.

HI'RELING, adjective Serving for wages; venal; mercenary; employed for money or other compensation.

A tedious crew

Of hireling mourners.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HI'RER, noun One that hires; one that procures the use of any thing for a compensation; one who employs persons for wages, or contracts with persons for service.