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Strongs Concordance:

Easton's Bible Dictionary

1. Heb. hah, a "ring" inserted in the nostrils of animals to which a cord was fastened for the purpose of restraining them (2 Kings 19:28; Isaiah 37:28, 29; Ezekiel 29:4; 38:4). "The Orientals make use of this contrivance for curbing their work-beasts...When a beast becomes unruly they have only to draw the cord on one side, which, by stopping his breath, punishes him so effectually that after a few repetitions he fails not to become quite tractable whenever he begins to feel it" (Michaelis). So God's agents are never beyond his control.

2. Hakkah, a fish "hook" (Job 41:2, Heb. Text, 40.25; Isaiah 19:8; Habakkuk 1:15).

3. Vav, a "peg" on which the curtains of the tabernacle were hung (Exodus 26:32).

4. Tsinnah, a fish-hooks (Amos 4:2).

5. Mazleg, flesh-hooks (1 Samuel 2:13, 14), a kind of fork with three teeth for turning the sacrifices on the fire, etc.

6. Mazmeroth, pruning-hooks (Isaiah 2:4; Joel 3:10).

7. Agmon (Job 41:2, Heb. Text 40.26), incorrectly rendered in the Authorized Version. Properly a rush-rope for binding animals, as in Revised Version margin.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK, noun

1. A piece of iron or other metal bent into a curve for catching, holding and sustaining any thing; as a hook for catching fish; a teeter-hook; a chimney-hook; a pot-hook, etc.

2. A snare; a trap.

3. A curving instrument for cutting grass or grain; a sickle; an instrument for cutting or lopping.

4. That part of a hinge which is fixed or inserted in a post. Whence the phrase, to be off the hooks, to be unhinged, to be disturbed or disordered.

5. A forked timber in a ship, placed on the keel.

6. A catch; an advantage. [Vulgar.]

7. In husbandry, a field sown two years running. [Local.]

By hook and by crook, one way or other; by any means, direct or indirect.

HOOK, verb transitive To catch with a hook; as, to hook a fish.

1. To seize and draw, as with a hook

2. To fasten with a hook

3. To entrap; to ensnare.

4. To draw by force or artifice.

To hook on, to apply a hook

HOOK, verb intransitive To bend; to be curving.

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Hook, Hooks

Various kinds of hooks are noticed in the Bible, of which the following are the most important-

  1. Fishing hooks. (Job 41:2; Isaiah 19:8); Habakkuk 1:15
  2. A ring, such as in our country is placed through the nose of a bull, and similarly used in the East for leading about lions

    (Ezekiel 19:4) where the Authorized Version has "with chains

    camels and other animals. Called "thorn" in (Job 41:2) A similar method was adopted for leading prisoners. (2 Chronicles 33:11)

  3. The hooks of the pillars of the tabernacle. (Exodus 26:32,37; 27:10) ff.; Exodus 38:13 ff.
  4. A vinedressers pruning-hook. (Isaiah 2:4; 18:5; Micah 4:3; Joel 3:10)
  5. A flesh-hook for getting up the joints of meat out of the boiling-pot. (Exodus 27:3; 1 Samuel 2:13,14)
  6. Probably "hooks" used for the purpose of hanging up animals to flay them. (Ezekiel 40:43)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK'ED, adjective Bent into the form of a hook; curvated. The claws of a beast are hooked

1. Bent; curvated; aquiline; as a hooked nose.

HOOK'ED, participle passive Caught with a hook; fastened with a hook.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK'EDNESS, noun A state of being bent like a hook.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK'ING, participle present tense Catching with a hook; fastening with a hook.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK'NOSED, adjective Having a curvated or aquiline nose.

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For tabernacle:

Made of gold
Exodus 26:32; Exodus 26:37; Exodus 36:36

Made of silver
Exodus 27:10; Exodus 38:10-12; Exodus 38:17; Exodus 38:19

In the temple, seen in Ezekiel's vision
Ezekiel 40:43

Used for catching fish
Ezekiel 29:4

Used for pruning
Isaiah 2:4; Isaiah 18:5; Joel 3:10

Ezekiel 38:4

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

HOOK'Y, adjective Full of hooks; pertaining to hooks.