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  • Included in Naves: Yes
  • Included in Smiths: No
  • Included in Websters: Yes
  • Included in Strongs: Yes
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  • Included in BDB: Yes

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Naves Topical Index

Of Joseph
Genesis 39:20

Of Jeremiah
Jeremiah 38:6

Of John the Baptist
Matthew 11:2; Matthew 14:3

Of Apostles
Acts 5:18

Of Paul and Silas
Acts 16:24

Of Peter
Acts 12:4

Of debtors
Matthew 5:26; Matthew 18:30
Prison; Prisoners; Punishment

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

IMPRIS'ONMENT, noun The act of putting and confining in prison;

the act of arresting and detaining in custody.

1. Confinement in a place; restraint of liberty to go from place to place at pleasure. Appropriately, the confinement of a criminal or debtor within the walls of a prison, or in the custody of a sheriff, etc.

False imprisonment is any confinement of the person, or restraint of liberty, without legal or sufficient authority. The arrest or detention of the person by an officer without warrant, or by an illegal warrant, or by a legal warrant executed at an unlawful time, is false imprisonment