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Strongs Concordance:


Webster's 1828 Dictionary

REND'ER, noun [from rend.] One that tears by violence.

REN'DER, verb transitive [This is probably the Latin reddo, with a casually inserted.]

1. To return; to pay back.

See that none render evil for evil to any man. 1 Thessalonians 5:15.

2. To inflict, as a retribution.

I will render vengeance to my enemies. Deuteronomy 32:41.

3. To give on demand; to give; to assign.

The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit, than seven men that can render a reason. Proverbs 26:16.

4. To make or cause to be, by some influence upon a thing, or by some change; as, to render a person more safe or more unsafe; to render him solicitous or cautious; to render a fortress more secure or impregnable; to render a ferocious animal more mild and tractable.

5. To translate, as from one language into another; as, to render Latin into English. We say, to render a word, a sentence a book, or an author into a different language.

6. To surrender; to yield or give up the command or possession of; as, to render one's self to his enemies.

[Less used than surrender.]

7. To afford; to give for use or benefit.

Washington rendered great service to his country.

8. To represent; to exhibit.

He did render him the most unnatural that liv'd amongst men. [Not in use.]

To render back, to return; to restore.

REN'DER, noun

1. A surrender; a giving up.

2. A return; a payment of rent.

In those early times, the king's household was supported by specific renders of corn and other victuals from the tenants of the domains.

3. An account given.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

REN'DERABLE, adjective That may be rendered.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

REN'DERED, participle passive Returned; paid back; given; assigned; made; translated; surrendered; afforded.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

REN'DERING, participle present tense Returning; giving back; assigning; making; translating; surrendering; affording.

REN'DERING, noun Version; translation.