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Strongs Concordance:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SORE, noun

1. A place in an animal body where the skin and flesh are ruptured or bruised, so as to be pained with the slightest pressure.

2. An ulcer; a boil.

3. In Scriptures, grief; affliction. 2 Chronicles 6:28.

SORE, adjective

1. Tender and susceptible of pain from pressure; as, a boil, ulcer or abscess is very sore; a wounded place is sore; inflammation renders a part sore

2. Tender, as the mind; easily pained, grieved or vexed; very susceptible of irritation from any thing that crosses the inclination. Malice and hatred are very fretting, and apt to make our minds sore and uneasy.

3. Affected with inflammation; as sore eyes.

4. Violent with pain; severe; afflictive; distressing; as a sore disease; sore evil or calamity; a sore night.

5. Severe; violent; as a sore conflict.

6. Criminal; evil.

SORE, adverb

1. With painful violence; intensely; severely; grievously. They hand presseth me sore

2. Greatly; violently; deeply. He was sorely afflicted at the loss of his son. sore sigh'd the knight, who this long sermon heard.

SORE, verb transitive To wound; to make sore

SORE, noun A hawk of the first year.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOREHON, SORN, noun A kind of servile tenure which subjected the tenant to maintain his chieftain gratuitously, whenever he wished to indulge himself in a debauch. So that when a person obtrudes himself on another for bed and board, he is said to sorn, or be a sorner.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Choice vine, the name of a valley, i.e., a torrent-bed, now the Wady Surar, "valley of the fertile spot," which drains the western Judean hills, and flowing by Makkedah and Jabneel, falls into the sea some eight miles south of Joppa. This was the home of Deliah, whom Samson loved (Judges 16:4).

Hitchcock's Names Dictionary

vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(red), The valley of, a wady in which lay the residence of Delilah. (Judges 16:4) It was possibly nearer Gaza than any other of the chief Philistine cities, since thither Samson was taken after his capture at Delilah's house.

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Sorek, Valley of

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SOR'EL, noun [dim. of sore.] A buck of the third year.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SO'RELY, adverb [from sore.]

1. With violent pain and distress; grievously; greatly; as, to be sorely pained or afflicted.

2. Greatly; violently; severely; as, to be sorely pressed with want; to be sorely wounded.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

SO'RENESS, noun [from sore.]

1. The tenderness of any part of an animal body, which renders it extremely susceptible of pain from pressure; as the soreness of a boil, an abscess or wound.

2. Figuratively, tenderness of mind, or susceptibility of mental pain.