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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

STORY, noun [Latin , Gr.]

1. A verbal narration or recital of a series of facts or incidents. WE observe in children a strong passion for hearing stories.

2. A written narrative of a series of facts or events. There is probably on record no story more interesting than that of Joseph in Genesis.

3. History; a written narrative or account of past transactions, whether relating to nations or individuals.

The four great monarchies make the subject of ancient story

4. Petty tale; relation of a single incident or of trifling incidents.

5. A trifling tale; a fiction; a fable; as the story of a fairy. In popular usage, story is sometimes a softer term for a lie.

6. A loft; a floor; or a set of rooms on the same floor or level. A story comprehends the distance from one floor to another; as a story of nine or ten feet elevation. Hence each floor terminating the space is called a story; as a house of one story of two stories, of five stories. The farm houses in New England have usually two stories; the houses in Paris have usually five stories; a few have more; those in London four. But in the United States the floor next the ground is the first story; in France and England, the first floor or story is the second from the ground.

STORY, verb transitive

1. To tell in historical relation; to narrate.

How worthy he is, I will leave to appear hereafter, rather than story him in his own hearing.

It is storied of the brazen colossus in Rhodes, that it was seventy cubits high.

[This verb is chiefly used in the passive participle.]

2. To range one under another. [Little used.]

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

STORY-TELLER, noun [story and tell.]

1. One who tells stories; a narrator of a series of incidents; as an amusing story-teller

2. A historian; in contempt.

3. One who tells fictitious stories.