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Strongs Concordance:

Naves Topical Index

Observed on occasions of:

Public calamities
2 Samuel 1:12

Afflictions and Adversities
Psalms 35:13; Daniel 6:18

Private afflictions
2 Samuel 12:16

Approaching danger
Esther 4:16

Ordination of ministers
Acts 13:3; Acts 14:23

Accompanied by:

Daniel 9:3

Confession of sin
1 Samuel 7:6; Nehemiah 9:1-2

Deuteronomy 9:18; Nehemiah 9:1

During forty days:

Deuteronomy 9:9; Deuteronomy 9:18

Matthew 4:1-2; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-2


By John's disciples
Matthew 9:14

By Anna
Luke 2:37

By Pharisees
Matthew 9:14; Mark 2:18; Luke 18:12

By Cornelius
Acts 10:30

By Paul
2 Corinthians 6:5; 2 Corinthians 11:27

In times of bereavement:

Of the people of Jabesh-Gilead, for Saul and his sons
1 Samuel 31:13; 1 Chronicles 10:12

Of David, at the time of Saul's death
2 Samuel 1:12

Of Abner's death
2 Samuel 3:35


For three weeks, by Daniel
Daniel 10:2-3

Forty days by Moses
Exodus 24:18; Exodus 34:28; Deuteronomy 9:9; Deuteronomy 9:18

Forty days by Elijah
1 Kings 19:8

Forty days by Jesus
Matthew 4:2
Humiliation; Humility

Unclassified scriptures relating to
Ezra 8:21-23; Psalms 35:13; Psalms 69:10; Isaiah 58:3-7; Jeremiah 14:12; Daniel 10:2-3; Joel 1:14; Joel 2:12-13; Zech 7:5; Zech 8:19; Matthew 6:16-18; Matthew 9:14-15; Matthew 17:21; Acts 27:9; Acts 27:33-34; 1 Corinthians 7:5

Instances of:

Of the Israelites:

In the conflict between the other tribes with the tribe of Benjamin, on account of the wrong suffered by a Levite's concubine
Judges 20:26

When they went to Mizpeh for the ark
1 Samuel 7:6

Of David:

At the death of Saul
2 Samuel 1:12

During the sickness of the child born to him by Bath-Sheba
2 Samuel 12:16-22

While interceding in prayer for his friends
Psalms 35:13

In his zeal for Zion
Psalms 69:10

In prayer for himself and his adversaries
Psalms 109:4; Psalms 109:24

Of Ahab, when Elijah prophesied the destruction of himself and his house
1 Kings 21:20-29

Of Jehoshaphat, at the time of the invasion of the confederated armies of the Canaanites and Syrians
2 Chronicles 20:3

Of Ezra, on account of the idolatrous marriages of the Jews
Ezra 10:6

Of Nehemiah, on account of the desolation of Jerusalem and the temple
Nehemiah 1:4

Of the Jews:

When Jeremiah prophesied against Judea and Jerusalem
Jeremiah 36:9

In Babylon, with prayer for divine deliverance and guidance
Ezra 8:21; Ezra 8:23

Of Darius, when he put Daniel in the lion's den
Daniel 6:18

Of Daniel:

On account of the captivity of the people, with prayer for their deliverance
Daniel 9:3

At the time of his vision
Daniel 10:1-3

Ninevites, when Jonah preached to them
Jonah 3:5-10

By Paul, at the time of his conversion
Acts 9:9

Of the disciples, at the time of the consecration of Barnabas and Saul
Acts 13:2-3

Of the consecration of the elders
Acts 14:23

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

F'ASTING, participle present tense Abstaining from food.

F'ASTING, noun The act of abstaining from food.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

F'ASTING-DAY, noun A day of fasting; a fast-day; a day of religious mortification and humiliation.