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Easton's Bible Dictionary

An event recorded in Genesis 7 and 8. (See DELUGE.) In Joshua 24:2, 3, 14, 15, the word "flood" (R.V., "river") means the river Euphrates. In Psalms 66:6, this word refers to the river Jordan.

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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FLOOD, noun flud.

1. A great flow of water; a body of moving water; particularly, a body of water, rising, swelling and overflowing land not usually covered with water. Thus there is a flood every spring, in the Connecticut, which inundates the adjacent meadows. There is an annual flood in the Nile, and in the Mississippi.

2. The flood by way of eminence, the deluge; the great body of water which inundated the earth in the days of Noah. Before the flood men live to a great age.

3. A river; a sense chiefly poetical.

4. The flowing of the tide; the semi-diurnal swell or rise of water in the ocean; opposed to ebb. The ship entered the harbor on the flood Hence flood-tide; young flood; high flood

5. A great quantity; an inundation; an overflowing; abundance; superabundance; as a flood of bank notes; a flood of paper currency.

6. A great body or stream of any fluid substance; as a flood of light; a flood of lava. Hence, figuratively, a flood of vice.

7. Menstrual discharge.

FLOOD, verb transitive To overflow; to inundate; to deluge; as, to flood a meadow.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FLOOD'ED, participle passive Overflowed inundated.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary


1. A gate to be opened for letter water flow through, or to be shut to prevent it.

2. An opening or passage; an avenue for a flood or great body.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

FLOOD'ING, participle present tense Overflowing; inundating.

FLOOD'ING, noun Any preternatural discharge of blood from the uterus.

FLOOD'-MARK, noun The mark or line to which the tide rises; high water mark.