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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREAT, adjective [Latin crassus.]

1. Large in bulk or dimensions; a term of comparison, denoting more magnitude or extension than something else, or beyond what is usual; as a great body; a great house; a great farm.

2. Being of extended length or breadth; as a great distance; a great lake.

3. Large in number; as a great many; a great multitude.

4. Expressing a large, extensive or unusual degree of any thing; as great fear; great love; great strength; great wealth; great power; great influence; great folly.

5. Long continued; as a great while.

6. Important; weighty; as a great argument; a great truth; a great event; a thing of no great consequence; it is no great matter.

7. Chief; principal; as the great seal of England.

8. Chief; of vast power and excellence; supreme; illustrious; as the great God; the great Creator.

9. Vast; extensive; wonderful; admirable.

GREAT are thy works. Jehovah.

10. Possessing large or strong powers of mind; as a great genius.

11. Having made extensive or unusual acquisitions of science or knowledge; as a great philosopher or botanist; a great scholar.

12. Distinguished by rank, office or power; elevated; eminent; as a great lord; the great men of the nation; the great Mogul; Alexander the great

13. Dignified in aspect, mien or manner.

Amidst the crowd she walks serenely great

14. Magnanimous; generous; of elevated sentiments; high-minded. He has a great soul.

15. Rich; sumptuous; magnificent. He disdained not to appear at great tables. A great feast or entertainment.

16. Vast; sublime; as a great conception or idea.

17. Dignified; noble.

Nothing can be great which is not right.

18. Swelling; proud; as, he was not disheartened by great looks.

19. Chief; principal; much traveled; as a great road. The ocean is called the great highway of nations.

20. Pregnant; teeming; as great with young.

21. Hard; difficult. It is no great matter to live in peace with meek people.

22. Familiar; intimate. [Vulgar.]

23. Distinguished by extraordinary events, or unusual importance. Jude 1:6.

24. Denoting a degree of consanguinity, in the ascending or descending line, as great grandfather, the father of a grandfather; great great grandfather, the father of a great grandfather, and so on indefinitely; and great grandson, great great grandson. etc.

25. Superior; preeminent; as great chamberlain; great marshal.

The sense of great is to be understood by the things it is intended to qualify. great pain or wrath is violent pain or wrath; great love is ardent love; great peace is entire peace; a great name is extensive renown; a great evil or sin, is a sin of deep malignity, etc.

GREAT, noun The whole; the gross; the lump or mass; as, a carpenter contracts to build a ship by the great

1. People of rank or distinction. The poor envy the great and the great despise the poor.

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Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREAT-BELLIED, adjective Pregnant; teeming.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREATEN, verb transitive To enlarge.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREAT-HEARTED, adjective High-spirited; undejected.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREATLY, adverb In a great degree; much.

I will greatly multiply thy sorrow. Genesis 3:16.

1. Nobly; illustriously.

By a high fate, thou greatly didst expire.

2. Magnanimously; generously; bravely.

He greatly scorned to turn his back on his foe. He greatly spurned the offered boon.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

GREATNESS, noun Largeness of bulk, dimensions, number or quantity; as the greatness of a mountain, of an edifice, of a multitude, or of a sum of money. With reference to solid bodies, however, we more generally use bulk, size, extent or magnitude than greatness; as the bulk or size of the body; the extent of the ocean; the magnitude of the sun or of the earth.

1. Large amount; extent; as the greatness of a reward.

2. High degree; as the greatness of virtue or vice.

3. High rank or place; elevation; dignity; distinction; eminence; power; command.

4. Swelling pride; affected state.

It is not of pride or greatness that he cometh not aboard your ships.

5. Magnanimity; elevation of sentiment; nobleness; as greatness of mind.

Virtue is the only solid basis of greatness

6. Strength or extent of intellectual faculties; as the greatness of genius.

7. Large extent or variety; as the greatness of a man's acquisitions.

8. Grandeur; pomp; magnificence.

GREATNESS with Timon dwells in such a draught,

As brings all Brobdignag before your thought.

9. Force; intensity; as the greatness of sound, of passion, heat, etc.